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XAMZ1250-UBK series
XAMZ1250-UBK series


This series filter press is widely use in red wine filter;

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  • 1. The filter plate we use our patent technique, shaped by moulding, it has small floor space require, strength tall, light weight, acid-proof alkaline, anti-corrosive, non-toxic, tasteless;

  •  2. The filter press adopt the automatic hydraulic system, it equip the automatic close and open, automatic maintaining pressure fuction, it carry out all of the function of filter press just by the  different button on the control panel , easy operation, stable and reliable running;

  •  3. The press frame is of welded steel structure with high strengh for stress caused by cake weight and high pressure while it running

  •  4. The maximum close pressure is 27Mpa, it has good steal

  •  5. The maximum feeding pressure is 1.2Mpa, it is the best condition for cake forming

  •  6. The filter press adopt the independent hydraulic system and electrical control panel, convenient for maintenance;

  •  7. The filter equip automatic plate separate system, it has two types---common and protection;

  •  8. The filter equip the auto. drip trays, keep the site clean

Technical data

Filter area(m2)100120140160180200220240*260*280*300*320*
Chamber thickness(mm)303030303030303030303030

No. of plates(pcs)


  • Note: 1. The "*"means the filter press has middle support

  •           2. The no. of plates exclude one end and one head plate

  •           3. The standard thickness of chamber is 30mm, we can prodcue the different thickness according to theclietns' requires

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